Alumni of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia ASEAN’S Best Private University Create a Carrer at Mandiri Bank

Three alumni of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia are pursuing careers at Bank Mandiri after graduating from the best campus in ASEAN.
The three alumni are Yunanda Saputra, S. Kom. who works as a teller at Bank Mandiri WR Supratman Branch Office; Brigita Dwi Sulistyawati, S. Kom. as customer service priority at Bank Mandiri branch office WR Supratman Bandar Lampung and Hanifah Sekar Latih, S.Kom. customer service at Bank Mandiri branch WR Supratman Bandar ampung.
Yunanda said he felt that he had benefited from college in pursuing his current career. Especially on the procedures for behaving and behaving which are specifically taught on campus through personality courses.
“Knowledge while studying at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is also very useful in career planning now,” said Yunanda. While he was in college, he won the photogenic competition in the 2015 Regional II Kopertis Campus Boys and Girls Selection Competition. Recalls Yunanda.
Brigita added, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is a campus that provides students with knowledge and skills that are suitable for the world of work. Brigita is also grateful that during college she was given the opportunity to participate in various competitions and activities.
“The competition has a positive impact on daily life as an employee at Bank Mandiri’s WR Supratman Bandar Lampung branch office. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia provides the widest possible space for students who want to progress and develop,” said Brigita.
Meanwhile, Hanifah said that she felt very proud to be a graduate of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia which was very well accredited, and the extraordinary effects of studying at Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia today. What he got during college can be used at work.
“The curriculum applied in Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is able to produce graduates who are ready to work in all companies. In addition, with attitude and character education, all graduates already have the provision of procedures for behaving in the world of work. Including maintaining work professionalism with high performance,” he explained.
Vice-Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, MM. conveyed, appreciation the many alumni who work in the banking sector and the Alumni of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia to prepare graduates who are able to meet the needs of the world of work and industry, have superior skills and are competitive.
The banking world, he said, does not only need those with economic and financial qualifications.
“Banking also requires graduates of information systems who are closely related to computer programs. That’s where it is,” Mahathir said.
Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia is ready to help companies and agencies that need employees according to their fields, Mahathir added.