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  • 24 August

Regional Governing Body (BPD) Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Lampung held a Regional Business Forum (FORBISDA) with the theme “Creative Youngpreneur for Local Empowerment” at the Emersia Hotel Ballroom Bandarlampung. The event is a series of events for the Regional Work Unit Training and Education of BPD HIPMI Lampung which was held on August 21-22, 2022.

The 2022 Business Plan Competition is one of a series of FORBISDA BPD HIPMI Lampung events. The purpose of this competition is to find talented young entrepreneurs in Lampung Province so that they can go forward to Go International. The judges in the Business Plan Competition 2022 BPD HIPMI Lampung, among others, Ahmad Giri Akbar (Chairman of BPD HIPMI Lampung), Najib Muhammad (Vice-Rector III of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia), and Yuke Elvandari (Head of Division 6 BPC HIPMI Lampung).

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia managed to get 2nd place, from the selection of Phase 1, which consisted of 30 big teams (business startups and students throughout Lampung Province), then passed to the final 3rd stage. The S1 Management and S1 Accounting students who took part in this competition were Rudi Iqbal Anwar (S1 Management), Shaskia Nurdianti (S1 Management), Widyantari Dwipa (S1 Management), and Audi Pratiwi (S1 Accounting) with a supervisor, namely Mrs. Berlintina Permatasari, M.M.

The achievements of the members of the Dino Sang Champion Team are not only that. Rudi Iqbal Anwar as Team Leader has various achievements, including the Chair of BEM Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia 2021/2022, Independent Student Exchange Participant, PT Tunas Dwipa Matra Scholarship Winner, and Essay Writing Finalist at the University of Lampung. Furthermore, team members and Shaskia Nurdianti have several achievements, including Deputy Chairperson of Student Executive Board (BEM) FEB 2021/2022, Secretary General of BEM Universitas Teknocrats Indonesia 2022/2023, Chief Executive of the National Management Business Competition Technocrats 2021, and 3rd Place at the National Level of Creative Dance at the University Jakarta, 2021. Meanwhile, the team members, namely Widyantari Dwipa also have a list of achievements, such as the Secretary of BEM FEB Teknocrats 2021/2022, Participants in the Independent Student Exchange, and 1st Place in the Waste Care Competition at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Furthermore, team members and Audi Pratiwi have several achievements, including the General Secretary of Accounting Students Association (HIMA) 2021/2022, Deputy Secretary General of BEM of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia 2022/2023, Chief Executive of the 2021 Annual Business Competition, Chief Executive of Entrepreneur Vaganza 2022, Chief Executive of MUBES Hima Accounting, Finalist (PKM-RSH) 2022, and currently participating in the LKT competition at Universitas Diponegoro and entering the Full Paper collection stage.

In the Regional Business Forum (FORBISDA), there was a Talk Show or casual talk about the business world which was attended by Elyas Ferdinand (Owner of El’s Coffee) and Arya Kuntadi (Head of Division 4 BPP HIPMI), and moderated by Yuke Elvandari (Chairman of Division 6 BPC HIPMI Lampung). The talk show was very interactive by distributing several vouchers as gifts for the audience who asked questions to the presenters. The enthusiasm of the audience consisting of BEM Universities throughout Lampung, MSME players, and the banking sector (Bank BTN, BSI, BNI, BRI, and Bank Mandiri) added to the excitement of the event. In addition, a Business Matching event was also held to bring together MSME business players in the banking sector.

Furthermore, the Dean of the Faculty of Economy and Business, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, S.E., M.M., said that participating in this competition is expected to improve students’ intellectual abilities because it provides a place to learn and compete to be better, even the best.